At Cattera Social we are pleased to work with, and offer social media services for a variety of clients.

Whether you have an established social media presence that you wish us to maintain for you, or creating an entirely new brand identity we will be able to create a strategy for you.


Cafes, restaurants and bars - the backbone of Melbourne's incredible cafe and coffee culture.

With social media being a huge determinant in the hospitality industry's success - it is integral to have a social media presence.

We offer;

- Complete social media management

- Content creation

- Social media strategy plan

- Influencer outreach

- Events 

- Menu launches

- Web seminars

- Menu graphic design 


The beverage industry is fast growing, with more and more specality drinks becoming available to the consumer at home.

Drinks such as cold brew, kombucha, keffir and apple cider vinegar are increasing in popularity. 

With plenty of growth comes competition, hence why a strong social media presence is crucial to stand out from the crowd and appeal to your consumers. 

Cattera Social specialises in social media for food & beverage and hospitality.

Whether your brand wishes to have lifestyle, organic styled images or professional studio photography with backdrops our in house photography team will deliver the images you have in mind. 

Food styling

Food products such as superfoods, chia seeds, flours and baking products are another increasingly popular category on social media. 

Creating beautiful recipes that inspire your followers and potential customers to recreate them using your product is a great social media strategy. 

How can we help?

- Connecting your brand with popular food bloggers and influencers to create recipes and showcase your items to their audience.

- Food styling and photography in house at Cattera Social. 

- Collaborations with local business

- Recipe creation

- Customised social media plan

- Professional photography

beauty and skincare

Cosmetics and skincare are a multi billion dollar industry. 

Social media is extremely saturated with beauty bloggers and youtubers who showcase product reviews and makeup tutorials.

In order to have your products stand out among this large industry, its important to find your niche and ensure your marketing and packaging are appealing and eye catching to your consumers. 

Cattera Social can help with

- Connecting you to influencers

- Social media strategy plan

- Captioning

- Scheduling posts

- Video content 

- Product photograph


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